Everything will be ok

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Czas ciężkiej pracy za mną, teraz odpoczynek, czas relaksu,porannej kawy i zapachu kochanego domu.

Hello,sweet home<3


Sometimes a life event will happen that defies reason. That no amount of examining will help you explain. Some things in life will never make sense because there is NO sense to be had. No cause and effect, no lessons that needed to be learned and there sure as hell will never be a rational reason behind it. It just happened. There is no making sense of it. You face it. You look it square in the eye and remove all the shields and walls you have put up and you face it once and for all. You don’t get past it until you confront it and see it for what it is. Then you leave it there. You can’t erase the bad, you can’t erase the tragic any more then you can make sense of it. It happened. It became part of you the second that it happened and denying its existence, not seeing it for what it is, will never change that. Visiting it inside your mind over and over will not change the fact that it happened. It will not change the outcome or make it any less painful. But understanding that some things in life will never make sense gives you the power over it, instead of it having power over you.

- J.V. Manning

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